The characteristic temperature conditions

The mean annual temperature in the western part of the NP is around 7°C, depending on the elevation above sea level. In the eastern part of the park, around Znojmo, the mean annual temperature is higher at around 8.8ºC.


January is usually the coldest month in the area whereas July is the warmest. The mean temperature in January in the western part of the park is -3.4°C but in the east (around Znojmo) it is -1.9°C. The temperatures rise in July to an average of 16.9°C in the west of the park and the eastern part of the park reaches an average of 19°C in July.


The highest temperature which was recorded on the park territory was 37.2°C which was in Znojmo. The summer period (which is characterised by mean daily temperatures of 15°C and above) begins in the western part on 14th June and lasts for 72 days on average. In Znojmo it starts on 25th May and lasts 109 days (Quitt 1984).