The characteristic precipitation conditions

The whole of the Znojmo county, which includes the NP territory belong to the extremely dry regions in the Czech Republic. The precipitation fall in the colder half of the year is only 219 – 268 mm, which is 33.9 – 35.5% of the annual total, whereas the precipitation total in the summer months is 329 – 397 mm (66.1 – 64.5%). The highest precipitation total is in the summertime (usually in June) and the lowest total is usually in March.


The mean annual precipitation around Vranov nad Dyjí is around 620 mm but only around 564 mm around Znojmo.


On average the snow cover comes at the start of December and is gone by mid March. The average number of days with snow cover in the west of the park is around 46 days per year, falling to 40 days in the east.