Thayatal NP programme for 2009

Thayatal NP has issued its programme for visitors for this year.


The first event of this season will be on Saturday 1st March, while the last will be the New Year´s Eve Walk. Throughout the year, visitors to Thayatal can take part in excursions to see and experience the nature, as well as events such as the Joint Czech – Austrian Breakfast on the Hardegg Bridge, Herb Festival, Bat Night, National Park Ball, try their hand at dyeing and spinning sheep´s wool, learn something about the Celts in the Waldviertel region or taste the specialities of natural cooking. Some of these events are specially prepared for children and young people.


You can read the programme on the NP Thayatal webpages, or if you want a paper brochure you can pick one up from the Podyjí NP Administration in Znojmo or from the Podyjí NP Visitor´s Centre in Čížov.


Deckblatt des Programmfolders