An inventory of tree species was carried out between January 1996 and October 1998 in the forest stands of the Podyjí National Park and its buffer zone. This inventory did not include shrubs such as Heather (Calluna vulgaris), Broom (Corothamnus procumbens), Garland Flower (Daphne cneorum), plants of the Broom family (Chamaecytisus) and Greenweeds (Genista) and also bushes of the Bramble family (Rubus).

The target of this inventarisation was to gather information for the detailed planning of care of the forest stands in this specially protected area, especially from the field of forestry dendrology. This information was then use in the form of a forest typology to form the basis for maintaining and increasing the biodiversity of individual localities in accordance with the forest types. This inventory work also serves as the basis for maintaining the gene funds of individual species.

During the inventarisation process the unified nomenclature according to Dostál (DOSTÁL 1989) was used with small modifications.


115 tree species

See the supplement – “Soupis dřevin” (“Summary of tree species”) in pdf. format.