Forest Management Planning

The majority of the plots which are designated as forest lands on the territory of Podyjí NP and its buffer zone are currently included in the Podyjí National Park Forest Management Unit – the forests in state ownership cover an area of 4914.61 ha. A Forest Management Plan (FMP) has been produced for these territories and is valid from 1-1-2003 to 31-12-2012. Due to the increasing age and spatial differentiation of the stands on relatively extensive areas, the previously utilised method of age classes was no longer suitable and a new forest management plan was formed on the basis of operative inventarisation. Data about the condition of the forest was collected from a representative network of inventory plots and in addition to basic dendrometric characteristics other information was collected about dead wood, social standings of individual trees in the stand and further ecosystem characteristics. As the forest stand groups were differentiated into 4 forest stand types (and not according to age classes), the new forest stand maps are fundamentally different from the ones which were previously used.




01 – Text section of the FMP

02 – Forest stand map

03 – Key to the forest stand map

04 – Map of management measures

05 – Key to the map of management measures