On Horseback

Two horse-riding trails have been marked out on the territory of the national park and its buffer zone.

The Eastern Riding Trail consists of 4 independent curcuits in the surroundings of  Hnanice, Havraníky, Popice and Konice. These curcuits are linked by a trail, which follows the belt of heathland to the south of  Znojmo and links Hnanice with the Kraví hora Hill vantage point across the river valley from Znojmo.



Jezdci na koních v MašovicíchHorse riders in Mašovice


The Northern Riding Trail copies the border of the national park. You can find the start in Hradiště and it leads across the former Mašovice Shooting Range, through the villages of  Podmolí, Lukov and Horní Břečkov. It continues around Lesná and Onšov, before descending to the mouth of the Švýcarská zátoka Bay on the Vranov Reservoir and across the dam wall to finish in the small town of Vranov nad Dyjí.


The riding trails are marked according to the Czech Tourist Club system with square white markers of 100x100mm, with a coloured circle of 60mm diameter in the centre.




Značení jezdeckých stezek

Marking of the riding trails 




When you are riding your horses, please respect these rules:


Do not ride away from the marked riding trails – The regulated movements of riders is an agreement, which helps to protect the nature.

• Always respect the rule that “walkers and cyclists have priority“.

Do not ride on the trails when they are wet or waterlogged – in this way you can minimalise the damage to the trails, which serve other purposes too.

• Please respect the other rules in the Podyjí National Park Visitor Regulations. 

   Map of horse-riding trails on the territory of Podyjí NP (112,11 KB)